SI goes to UiTM Malaysia

SI goes to UiTM Malaysia

Broadening cooperation for education institutions is strictly important. As the part of global community, University should be one of the parties who take responsibility for the growth of the nations; it is by materializing joint agendas or programs between two or more education institutions which involve the education communities inside in order to evolve the human recourses. For this purpose, OIA UNISNU Jepara facilitates the study programs to initiate International cooperation with related Universities abroad.  

Monday – Thursday, 08 – 11 July 2019, the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs of Science and Technology Faculty (SAINTEK), and the head of Information Systems department (SI) visited Universitas Technologi MARA (UiTM) Malaysia.  The visitation was aimed to initiating cooperation between UNISNU Jepara and UiTM Malaysia. The meeting specifically pointed out the intention of Information Systems department UNISNU to perform joint program with UiTM in 3 main academic activities, are learning, research, and community services.

The visitation was warmly welcomed by UiTM. They enthusiastically welcome the coming program to be held together with UNISNU in the near future, mainly in conducting joint research, International Lecturing, and workshop, and by the time going, this cooperation could be legalized by signing MoU and MoA. 


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