Sharing Culture 2018

Sharing Culture 2018 "Education in Canada"

Internalization in campus is vision of Office International Affairs (OIA) UNISNU Jepara to his campus. Learning, activities, program and event that has international standard has been conducted. Student exchange, seminar, workshop, program degree for foreign students are available in every years. Thursday, October 18th, 2018 OIA organized Sharing Culture 2018 “Education in Canada” as speaker is Ioan Cristian Picincu student of Quebec in Montreal, QC Major Political Science. Mr. Murharsito, head of OIA opened the program. Then, the program handled by moderator to facilitate presentation by speaker, question time and sharing time. As a final, students that participated in the program got some information about Canada include in education, culture, history and living in Canada. For Crist, he also got information about Indonesia, especially Jepara Regency. This program is English fully as escort language. Both of two, Crist and participant are given a chance to deliver a question and information based on the theme.


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