PAI goes to USIM Malaysia

PAI goes to USIM Malaysia

Beside Information Systems department (SI) who have made a cooperation visitation, Islamic Education department (PAI) was also doing the same.

Tuesday – Friday, 23 – 26 July 2019, the Dean of Tarbiyah and education science faculty (FTIK), and the head of Islamic Education department (PAI) visited Universitas Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM).  The visitation was also aimed to initiating cooperation between UNISNU Jepara and USIM Malaysia. The meeting had been considered by Islamic Education department (PAI) UNISNU that they would like to perform joint program with USIM especially in internship program, short student’s mobility, and joint seminar.

It was a nice move for PAI UNISNU since the visitation was also welcomed warmly by USIM Malaysia. With enthusiasm, they accepted the offer from UNISNU to have student’s short mobility in term of internship program, and the same as that, UNISNU is also quickly invited to have joint International seminar In USIM on the coming October. Both parties have also discussed about the cooperation agreement which is going to be held in the near future.


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