Grants for Lecturers and staff

General Description

Grant for Chairperson- is a mobility assistance awarded to lecturers and academic staff within UNISNU Jepara, in the form of both financial and other supports, in order to assist International agreement performance (MOU/MOA signing or academic activities performance).

This program is aimed to facilitate the lecturers and academic staff to establish improve their skill and knowledge with foreign universities or institution. Afterwards, the International activities performed are expected to be one of the main strategies of UNISNU Jepara to improve the quality of education and global competitiveness.

Grants for Lecturers :

Grants for Academic Staff :

General requirements:

  • UNISNU permanent staff or lecturer
  • Applicant should fulfill all administrative and academic requirements.
  • Posses an MoU or MoA with partner Universities/institutions (if any)
  • Limited in ASEAN Universities/institutions
  • Submit reports for both financial and project reports to KUI

Grants Benefits

  • Airfare round-trip ticket
  • Money stipend
  • Accommodation
  • Airport pick up


- Application deadline: November

- Application Screening and Interview: December

- Announcement: December

- Program performance: January - July