Wednesday 13th November 2019, Office of International Affairs (OIA) facilitated students Joining International WEBINAR held by Oxford University Press. The Webinar was discussed about “An Introduction to Global Skills” as the theme of the Webinar. It was presented by Sarah Mercer, Professor of Foreign Language Teaching at the University of Graz, Austria, where she is the Head of ELT Methodology.

This is the 4th Webinar facilitated by OIA UNISNU which has been started since academic year of 2018/2019. This program is one of the ways to implement 21st century learning method which mainly aims to enhancing students’ insights by using the existing information technology. In this digital era, students are expected to gain more in their learning process, since technology now is facilitating them to learn anytime and everywhere. In addition, by this program OIA hopes the students’ are able to learn from international professionals and professors not only from their home university (face-to-face learning) but also from the experts across the world (distance learning).

It was conducted at Laboratory of UPT Pusat Bahasa UNISNU which was attended by 19 Students who are the representative of the entire major. The program was organized differently from the previous three conductions. The students were no more being passive learners who just sat down listening to the long speech from the speakers and done. Yet, they were also invited to be active in this forum, which is by giving feedback at the end of the section by coming forward to present what they have got from the Webinar with their own words. The committee from OIA also gave them something as a small thing to appreciate their enthusiasm and braveness. By this way, the forum seemed becoming more fun and interesting than before.